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Best Bangla EID SMS EID Ul Fitr | EID Mubarak

Bangla EiD UL Fitor Best SMS !

Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two biggest festivals for Muslim. This greatest occasion will be celebrated on 6 October whole over the world. As the Eid ul Azha has almost been arrived the concept of sending the Bakra Eid SMS, jokes, shayari and funny comments SMS is being arisen the minds of people. Here I have collected some beautiful Bangla EID SMS for you. EnjoyEid Ul Azha  with joy & happiness and send lovely Eid sms, greetings and quotes to your friends, family and loved ones.


1. Baka cader hasite, Dawat dilam asite, asbe kintu barite, boste debo pirite, khete debo plate a, aste jodi nai paro, EID MUBARK grohon koro..


2. Ami Eid er Chand dekhechi, Tokhon sudhu tomay vebechi, 2mi jodi thakte pashe, Mon nachito khusir ucchase, >>>Eid Mubarak Jan<<<


3. Bondu tomi onek dure . tai tomar kotha mone pore . sundor ai somoy toku katuk khusite , sob kosto vule jao apon joner hasite…”Eid Mubarak”.


5. dhukko”’k”‘ delete koro….valovasha”k” save koro….bad friends”k” cut koro…good friends”k” copy koro….shobai”k” sms koro….but amar jonno dhuya koro…….(EID MUBARAK)


6. “EID MUBARAK”” ki obak hole naki! “Eid er somoy sob kicur dam bere . Jan tai agei pathalam.. “Sms share er dam o bere jete pare..


7. “Bettary low.network.busy…”Call ended.No answer..”User busy.balance.0.00.”Ato sob vejal hober age tomader Janai advance…>>>>>EID MUBARAK>>>>>>


8. Aaj dukkho vholar din, aaj mon hobe j rongin, aaj pran khole shudo gaan hobe, shok hobe shimahin. Tar 1ti karon

aj EID er prothom din. <{Eid Mubarak}>

1) Bangla Eid SMS

EID mane Khusi

Eid mane Aanondo

EID aase volia dita sokol Bivad Dondo

EID mane vola jawa joto Dokkho Voi

EID er motoe Tur Jibonta houq Diptimoy….


2) Best Bangla Eid SMS

Baka cader hasite

Dawat dilam asite

Asbe kintu barite

Boste debo pirite

khete debo plate e

aste jodi nai paro

EID MUBARK grohon koro..


Shuvecha rasi rasi

Garu na Khasi?

Tikia na Jhal fry?

ntv na Chanel-i?

RELAX na Busy? Djuice na Easy?

Shari na Shirt?

Wishing from heart-“EID MUBARAK”

4) Kurbani EID SMS

Akash mati k bolche

Surjo prithibi k bolche

Chad tara k bolche

R ami tomake bolchi

“Eid Mubarak”.


Megla akash

Megla din

Eider baki 1din. . . . . . .

Asbe sobar khusir din

Kapor chupor kine nin

Gorib dukhir khobor nin

Dawaath roilo eider din.

6) Bangla EID Mubarak SMS

Jemon chilam temon aci

bondhu tomar pasapashi

Vabcho hoyto vule gechi

keno vabcho miche michi

Jodi tomy vule jetam

tahole ki sms kore eid mubarak janatam?


7) Bangla EID Mubarak Wishes

Eid er hawa laguk prane..

Mon vore jak notun gane..

Ghum ghum chokh e shopnil chawa

Eid e hok sob kichu pawa..

Elo eid 2mar dare boron kore new tare..

8) Bangla EID Mubarak Greetings

Shuvo rat, shuvo din.

Monday eid er din.

Enjoy korbo simahin.

Eid pabona protidin.

Tomar dawat roilo eid er din.

9) Bangla EID Mubarak Message

Halka halka hawa 1to 1to sit,

a nia chole alo korbaner EID

Polaw-korma birani khete koto sad!

Chole eso 2mi,roilo dawat.



As Allah waters HIS Creation,

May HE also sprinkle HIS wonderous

blessings over you and your beloved ones.



11) EID SMS 2015

Let me decorate each of the Rays,

with Wishes of Success,

prosperous and Happiness,

4 u and 4 ur Family.

Happy Eid Mubarak.


12) Bangla EID SMS

Eid nie ase Anando,

Eid nie ase sukher barta,

Eid nie ase nirshartho valobasa,

Eid vulie day sob bedona.

so tumi ami harie jai ai Eid er mohonay.


13) Bakra EID SMS

Tor icche Gulu Ure berak pakhna doti mele

Dingoli Tor Jakna Kete Emni Heshe Khele

Opurno na thake jeno tor kono Shokh

Ai kamonay bondhu toke Eid-Mubarak

“Eid Mubarak”

14) Bangla EID SMS

Ecche golo Akash chulo,Vaslo meghar sari,

Khusir jhora tepantore hridoy dilo pari,

Moner maje setar baje khusite mon saje,

Eidar din hoq Rongin ai kamonate.


15) Bangla EID SMS

Rekhecho ki chader khobor,

Kal naki Eid-Ul-Fitr,

Sajbe tumi,

Sajbe sobay,

Sajbe tomar bari,

Dorja tuku khola rekho,

Ami o ashte pari.

Eid Mubarak!!!

16) Bangla EID SMS

Ekta khusir golpo,

Ekta khusir raat,

Ekta khusir shwopno,

Ekta khusir vor,

Ekta khusir shojo,

Ekta khusir Eid,

Shudhu tomar jonno.

Eid Muabarak.

17) Bangla EID SMS

Eid mane akashe nuton chad,

Eid mane nuton kicho chauwa pauwar shad,

Eid mane mehedi ranga haat,

Eid mane amar barite tumar dawat….


18) Bangla EID SMS

Akasher sob nill diye.

provater sob alo diye.

somudrer sob govirota


Hridoyer sob onuvoti


tomake janai eid er


“Eid mubarak”

19) Bangla EID SMS



…… AMI SMS …….



…….. BOLO ……….


20) Bengali EID SMS

Eid niye asuk anondo ar Sukhe, Muche jaak sob bisonnotaa ar dukh. Hariye jaak Rridoy aaj hashir bindabone, Sajiye debo 2may bondhu Eid’er Gorur moton koree..”Eid Mubarak”


1.Meaning Of Eid

Do you know what is the meaning of EID ? Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words E – Embrace with open heart I – Inspire with impressive attitude D – Distribute pleasure to all ~Eid Mubarak~ !

2. Eid Mubarak SMS 2015

On This Holy And Joyous Occasion/May The Blessings Of Almighty Allah/Come Down And Rest Upon Your Shoulders/And Upon Those Whom You Love/And Treasure And/May You Enjoy A Very Happy Eid/This Year And In The Years To Come./Eid Mubarak.

3. When Is the eid Al Azha 2015

May Allah this occasion flood your life with happiness/your heart with love/your soul with spiritual/your mind with wisdom/wishing u a very Happy Eid Mubarak.

4.Eid Days Celebrate 2015

Eid days are meant to celebrate the goals and the achievements that makes you happiest.

The ideals you believe in, the dream you love the best.


5.Hope Love Eid

Hope Love & Laughter,
Warmth & wishes joy and a Bouquet of Eid Wishes,
Especially for you!!!
Jubilation become a part of your eid and your life….!
6.When Is the eid Al Azha 2015
May Allah this occasion flood your life with happiness/your heart with love/your soul with spiritual/your mind with wisdom/wishing u a very Happy Eid Mubarak.
7.Eid Mubarak Greetings Message 2015

Many are the wishes

that are being sent your way,

but the is a special one

for a very happy Eid Day


8.Eid SMS For Eid Ul Fitor

Look Outside

Its so pleasant!

Sun Smiling For you

Trees Dancing for you

Birds singing for you

Because I requested them All to wish You

**..*EID MUBARAK*..**


9.After 1Day EID

After 1 day After 24 hours After 1440 min After 86400 sec Every1 will send YOU this msg but i m the 1st telling YOU and ur family Eid Mubarak.

10.EId of Sacrifice

Eid ul AZHA is eid of sacrifice, and commitment to Allah’s orders, May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life, and help all amongst us, who are helpless,worried, and waiting for his rehmat, Ameen.Eid Mubarak. !

11.Eid Mubarak SMS

The moon has been sighted

The samoosas are ready

Here comes EID so just go steady

Lots of dua’s is all i request

and just wanted to wish you all the BEST!!!

“Eid Mubarak


12.EID Mubarak 2015

I wish a wish for u/The wish i wish for few/The wish i wish for u is that/your all wishes come true/so keep on wishing/as my all wishes are with you.

“Eid Mubarak


13.May this Eid

May this Eid brings YOU all the happiness that u ever wished. Eid Mubarak !

14.Tradition Words

Everyone sent YOU Tradition words about Eid but i m the first one To send YOU “Meat Mubarak” And Keep on eating Different dishes On this season Happy Bakri eidd Mubarak :):):) !
15.EID Gift2015


A time for joy,

a time for togetherness,

a time to remember my blessings..

For me… it’s you!

May Allah Bless you &

Give u all the joy u bring to my life!

16.EID Mobarak

On the canvas of life we often go off color,

but as long as people like you are there

to add the right shades,

life goes on to be a rainbow!

Eid mubarak

17.Eid Mobarak

Look Outside

Its so pleasant!

Sun Smiling For you

Trees Dancing for you

Birds singing for you

Because I requested them All to wish You

**..*EID MUBARAK*..**

18.Eid Mobarak

May Allah flood your life with happiness on this occasion,

u r heart with love,

ur soul with spirtual,

ur mind with wisdom,

wishing u a very Happy Eid MUBARAK

19.Advance Eid Wish

Network busy number busy

No signal massage not sent….

That’s what we’ll see on 1st day of ‘’Eid’’

So “Happy Eid Day” before the rush start.

20.Eid Day

The bunch of


is being specially

delivered to you


Your family.

Just to say….


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